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Repairs and Improvements Guide

Imperial is responsible for most of the repairs to your home. There are some items that you are responsible for and some items that we will charge for when the damage is caused deliberately or through negligence. (See the table attached to find out who is responsible for carrying specific types of repairs)

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, you are responsible for any damage caused by you, your household or visitors. If Imperial has to carry out repairs which are caused by such damage or misuse we will charge you for the cost of the work.

You can report a repair to the Maintenance Office between 9.30-5 by calling us on 02920230033or by emailing us on

For out of hours General Emergency Repairs you can call our emergency contact Maz on 07714817770
For Gas/Heating emergency repairs call our contractor directly on 07929298328
For Electrical emergency repairs call our contractor directly on 07970710007


Repairs are treated as emergencies if they are necessary to avoid danger or risk to health of the occupants or serious damage to the property. Initial emergency repairs may only be to make the situation safe, with follow up work arranged for a later convenient date.

We may charge you if we have to call out a contractor for an emergency without good cause.

Here are some examples of what we class as an emergency repair:

  • Gas Leaks ( if you smell gas you should first call TRANSCO 0800 999 111)
  • Major Leaks that could cause substantial damage or flooding ( minor leaks should be reported the next day)
  • Total failure to electrical power ( first contact Western Power to make sure that it isn’t being caused by a temporary power cut to the area)
  • Total Breakdown of heating and hot water during the winter months.
  • No water supply ( check with Welsh Water first to confirm they have not temporarily switched off the supply)
  • Any Major vandalism/ damage to the property that has left the property unsecured eg smashed windows/doors.

Urgent repairs that do not pose an immediate risk to health and safety but should be carried out quickly to avoid damage to the property or risk to tenants. Such repairs will be treated as soon as possible or within 7 days depending on the urgency of the repair.

Examples of urgent Repairs are:

  • Minor leaks that can be contained
  • Partial breakdown of heating/hot water
  • Blocked sinks
  • Broken appliances eg, oven, fridge, washing machine etc

When a repair does not cause immediate inconvenience or pose any danger to occupants it may be completed within 28 days. When you report your repair depending on its severity we will give you a time frame in which the repair will be completed.

Please remember that some repairs are not straight forward and may involve several visits by several different contractors. We appreciate tenant’s patience with on-going repairs and will keep you informed of the progress. We aim to get all repairs carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So that we can action your repair as efficiently as possible you should let us know:

  • Which items need repairing or replacing?
  • What is the problem? Is it loose, stiff, leaking or broken?
  • What is causing the problem?
  • Where is it? Which room inside or whereabouts outside?
  • How big is the problem? What size is the area being affected?
  • Is it causing any other problems or damage?
  • When can we come and do the repair? Can we enter at anytime?
  • We will let you know how quickly we can do the repair, we will either arrange the nearest convenient time with you or tell our contractor to contact you to arrange when to call.
  • If the repair is urgent /an emergency we will gain access immediately using our own keys if you are not home.

Burst Pipes:

  • Turn off the water at the main stopcock and turn off any valves at the water tank
  • Open all taps to drain the water from the system
  • Turn off any water heaters
  • Do not touch any electrics that may have got wet.
  • Turn off electricity at the consumer unit ( Fuse Box)
  • If the leak is making the ceiling bulge, place a bucket under the ceiling and using something such as a screwdriver pierce a hole to let the water escape.
  • Call us immediately to send a contractor who will take care of the rest.

Smell Gas:

  • Open doors and windows to let the gas escape
  • Check to see if any gas appliances have been left on eg gas hob?
  • Turn off gas supply at the meter
  • DO NOT use light switches, plug sockets or door bells
  • DO NOT smoke or use naked flames
  • Call TRANSCO on 0800 111 999 but do not use your mobile inside, call from outside the property.
  • If the smell of gas is in the communal area please do not leave it for someone else. Call the emergency service yourself.


  • Get everyone out and stay outside.
  • Close all doors to contain the fire and stop smoke and fumes spreading
  • Call the Fire Brigade on 999
  • DO NOT re-enter for any reason!


  • Sink blockages are usually caused by the build-up of fats, hair, food etc it is advisable to clean wastes with sink/plug hole unblocker at least once a month.
  • If a wastepipe is not blocked but is slow to drain away place a bowl under the trap; unscrew the joints and remove the trap; clean thoroughly and replace the trap, ensuring that all the joints are securely sealed.
  • Try using a plunger for sinks and toilets or a house gold product for sinks.
  • If more than one thing is blocked (eg the toilet and the sink) the problem may be the main drain/soilstack. Contact us to call out a plumber.

Avoid blockages by:

  • Not flushing babywipes, paper towels, nappies and sanitary products down the toilet.
  • Not tipping any fats down the sink that can solidify in the pipes and form a blockage.

There are some things at your property that you are responsible for ( see below) however please do not attempt and major works yourself, we should be informed of any major repairs so that you are not held responsible for any damages that are caused to the property due to neglect.

If you wish to adapt or improve your home you will need our written permission. if your require mirrors/ shelves/ curtain rails to be put up we can arrange for a contractor to do this for you safely and to insure no damage is caused to the property. These items must also be left at the end of the tenancy to avoid damages to the walls from their removal.

If you wish to use your own furniture instead of the furniture provided then we can have the furniture removed but you will be liable for the cost of the furniture removal and its storage for the period of your tenancy.

Light bulbs - it is your responsibility to change the bulbs throughout your tenancy.
Blockages - tenants are expected to maintain their baths/showers/sinks and toilets and if a blockage occurs tenants maybe charged.
Pest Control - You should contact your local Environmental Health Department at the Council regarding pests. We will cover the cost of a call out if you have moved in within the last 6 weeks.
Toilet Seats - If we replace or refix your toilet seat you will be charged.

For a full list of tenancy charges please see your contract.

Water/gas/electric suppliers and meters:

You do not need our permission if you want to change your suppliers or if you want to change to/from a token meter but it would be helpful for you to notify us if you do make changes so that we can update out records

Tv Aerials and Satalitte Dishes:

Please inform us before having a satellite dish installed as there may be restrictions in some areas and we will need the landlord’s permission. Most properties will be set up for Virgin Media and this is what most of our tenants use.

If you have to move out for repairs to be carried out?

For Large repairs or improvements it may be necessary for you to move into another property for a while, we will be as accommodating as possible if this happens and help you with moving. We will make everything as straight forward as possible.


It is NOT Imperial’s responsibility to set up your utility bills for you and we do not automatically inform the council if you are exempt from council tax. It is your responsibility to inform your utility companies of when you move in and to give them regular readings. All queries regarding bills should be directed to the utility companies.

Safety Inspections:

We are obliged by law to make yearly safety inspections. These checks are essential to make sure gas and electrical supplies are safe and that your household is not at risk. We also may need access to your home for maintenance inspections but we will always notify you in advance.

If you refuse us access to carry out these essential inspections we will take legal action to enforce the terms of your tenancy.

Home Insurance:

Imperial will not be held responsible for loss or damage to items for example if a pipe burst and damages your computer. We recommend all tenants get home contents insurance that covers you in the event of damage or theft, your insurance should include broken glass as this is a repair that depending on circumstances we may charge for.

Car Parking

It is not Imperials responsibility to provide car parking to all our residents. Most properties have access to on street parking and a permit can be obtained from the local council. Some properties have private car parks and you can get a monthly permit from our office for a small fee.


Imperial is NOT responsible for Rubbish Collection. We cannot control when rubbish is collected and tenants are liable for taking care of their own rubbish and recycling. All the information you need can we found on the local council websites. If we have to pay to have rubbish removed due to tenant negligence you will be charged.

The Council operate different types of waste and recycling collections depending where you live. Contact Connect 2 Cardiff, 029 2087 2087 or,

You should not put bins/bags out earlier than 6pm on the evening before collection – you are liable for a fine if you put rubbish out too early or you put unsuitable items into recycling. Please make sure your rubbish is in the right bag or container for waste or recycling as it may not be collected. Your Council can provide you with a collection calendar with details of collection days and what can be recycled.

The Council will collect most large and bulky items free of charge. You should contact them to arrange a collection date. You should not leave larger items in communal areas or bin stores without having made arrangements to dispose of them.

To find out when is your collection date for your rubbishes please simply Text 60066 with your HOUSE NUMBER and POSTCODE and you will receive a weekly text to remind you of your collection day and what needs to be placed out.

Energy Saving

Using energy saving light bulbs throughout your home will save you regularly replacing bulbs as they can last up to 12 years, and reduce your electricity bill. If you are elderly, disabled, dependent on specialist medical equipment, or in receipt of certain benefits you may be entitled to discounts or schemes with your gas and electricity supplier. You should contact them to find out if you are eligible. You can also contact your supplier to ask if you are on the cheapest tariff available.


You can also contact your Council… for Cardiff:
Pest Control Section
029 2087 2934
029 2087 2935
Answering machine out of hours
029 2087 2934
Opening hours:Monday to Friday
8am - 4.30pm

Condensation and Mould Prevention

An average family produces over 9 litres of moisture every day. Mould forms where condensation cannot dry out and condensation is caused by excess moisture in your home that cannot escape.

It is usually caused by:

  • Clothes drying on radiators,
  • Baths, showers and washing up,
  • Kettles and pans boiling for long periods or without lids,
  • Washing machines / Dryers without external vents.

The excess moisture produced then settles on cool surfaces; usually windows, external walls, mirrors and some clothes. If it is not wiped away and allowed to dry it will cause mould, mildew and rot.

  • Mould forms on walls, sills and cupboards
  • Mildew forms on clothes, particularly leather items
  • Wallpaper and paint peels as water gets underneath
  • Tips on Preventing Mould and Condensation

Preventing Condensation:

  • When running a bath, reduce the amount of steam produced by running the cold water into the bath first.
  • After a bath or shower, try to ventilate the room to outdoors, not the house – just opening a window (and closing the door) will help.
  • Dry clothes outdoors or in a cool area of the premises - this latter suggestion may sound strange, it will take longer but less moisture will be held in the air at any one time.
  • While drying clothes indoors, ventilate the room.
  • Cover pans and switch off kettles after they boil.
  • Use extractor fans if they are fitted (tell us if they are not working)
  • Open windows for a while each day to allow a change of air
  • Don’t use bottled gas or paraffin heaters
  • Wipe down surfaces wheremoisture settles
  • Do not block air vents in the walls or windows (‘trickle vents’)

GAS Bill
TRANSCO: Tells you who your GAS supplier is 0870 608 1524

Electricity Bill
WESTERN POWER: Tells you who your ELECTRIC supplier is 0845 601 5972

Some popular suppliers which our tenants are using are:
SWALEC: 0800 107 9639 or Visit
British Gas: 0800 048 0202 or visit

Water bill
WELSH WATER: We only have one Water supplier in Wales which you can register your names by calling 08000 520145 or simply visit their website on

CARDIFF COUNTY COUNCIL (COUNCIL TAX): Even if you are a student, you still have to register your names. May we remind you that you must obtain your council tax exemption certificate and send a copy of it to the council along with a copy of your tenancy agreement. They will then send you a letter stating zero balance is owed. We need a copy of either the zero balance bill or your exemption certificate from your University.

By Telephone: 029 2087 2087
By e-mail:
By Post Council Tax, PO BOX 9000, Cardiff, CF10 3WD
In person
Please ring 029 2087 1391 to make an appointment.
Cardiff Centre, Advice Hub, Ground Floor Marland House, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1EP

Imperial Maintenance Office

Gas leaks: 0800 111 999

Meter Helpline: 0870 608 1524

Western Power: 0845 601 3341
Electricity Power Loss: 0800 052 0400

Welsh Water: 0800 052 0130

non emergency: 029 2022 2111
To report anti-social behaviour, vandalism, etc: 101
Police/Fire/Ambulance – Emergency: 999

Cardiff Council:
Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit: 029 2087 1090 / 092 / 093 / 094 / 095
Housing Advice Unit: 029 2087 1050
Council Tax: 029 2087 1509
City Hall / All Departments: 029 2087 2000
Connect-to-Cardiff: 029 2087 2087

Citizens Advice Bureau: 029 2039 8676

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

Recycling information helpline: 0845 331 3131

Energy Saving Trust: 0800 512 012

Freecycle: online community where you can find or get rid of things that are too good to just throw away

Track 2000: Cardiff-based organisation that recycles and reuses furniture and other equipment)
08450 700 395

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