First thing you should do is to put bills in your name. We take meter readings when the first person moves in but you should also take readings for gas and electric yourself. You are responsible for bills and if this is not done right at the start of your tenancy you could lose the readings and have to pay more money when you have to open your accounts to estimated readings. Remember that if your contract started from 1st July but you didn’t move in until 20th September you will still have to open the accounts from 1st July as some companies charge a service charge at a daily rate, regardless of whether you’re actually living in the property.

Collecting your keys

You can collect your keys any time from the start date of your contract. When you collect your keys you will be given a move-in document. This will explain what you need to do when you move into one of our properties. It will explain how to set up the utility bills in your name and who to contact if you have any queries or problems.

Move-in inventory

You will be provided with an inventory when you move into the property. The inventory is a record of the condition of the property at the point you move in, and in the case of furnished properties, a list of furniture and equipment on the premises. We do our best to make sure all inventories are 100% accurate, but if you feel there are things missing, please submit your changes to us within seven days to have them added to the original inventory.

Paying Rent

All rents are due on the 1st of every month. We will give you the bank details of where your rent is to be paid. It is the tenant's responsibility to ensure the rent is paid on time. There are penalties for late payment and we do not want to levy charges onto tenants unnecessarily, so please ensure your payments are set up from the start.

If you do not have the details of where to pay your rent, please contact the accounts team at the office and they will happily provide these to you.

Gas Bill

TRANSCO: Tells you who your GAS supplier is 0870 608 1524

Electricity Bill

WESTERN POWER: Tells you who your ELECTRIC supplier is 0845 601 5972

Some popular suppliers which our tenants are using are:

  • SWALEC: 0800 107 9639 or Visit
  • British Gas: 0800 048 0202 or visit

Water bill

WELSH WATER: We only have one Water supplier in Wales which you can register your names by calling 08000 520145 or simply visit their website on

Cardiff County Council (Council Tax)

Even if you are a student, you still have to register your names. May we remind you that you must obtain your council tax exemption certificate and send a copy of it to the council along with a copy of your tenancy agreement. They will then send you a letter stating zero balance is owed. We need a copy of either the zero balance bill or your exemption certificate from your University.

By Telephone: 029 2087 2087
By e-mail:
By Post Council Tax, PO BOX 9000, Cardiff, CF10 3WD
In person
Please ring 029 2087 1391 to make an appointment. Cardiff Centre, Advice Hub, Ground Floor Marland House, Central Square, Cardiff ,CF10 1EP

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