Your contract is coming to an end and you need to plan your moving out process.  Here is a checklist to help you prepare ahead and to ensure you get your maximum deposit refund:


  • Your rent has been paid up to date and on time.
  • There are no outstanding account charges on your account.
  • The property must be vacuumed, mopped and wiped clean. The most common areas tenants miss which we charge for are; skirting boards, edges of floors, under the bed and inside wardrobes
  • and drawers. If you need some help with cleaning we can pass your details to our cleaners to give you the best discounted price.  
  • All kitchen(s) and bathroom(s) must be completely clean. INCLUDING cupboards inside, outside and door handles, fridge and freezer, inside the oven and oven fan. Make sure between the tiles are also clean and not yellow or pink. Use bleach to get rid of any stubborn stains. Simply apply straight to the problem area, leave for a short while and go back to clean.
  • All walls must be clean or painted the same colour as before tenancy began (unless Tenant has been given prior written permission from Landlord). Do not spot paint in different colour and think this is good enough. It needs to be painted professionally and you can contact us to get the best deal and discount from our contractors.
  • Vacuum and clean any/all carpet(s).
  • Clean all windows and blinds without damaging them.
  • Remove all of your personal possessions and belongings. PLEASE do not think your belongings will be useful for next tenant.
  • No trash shall be left behind; Do NOT leave garbage at the curb and make sure they are out when they are supposed to be collected. Remember to PLAN AHEAD.
  • If applicable, all exterior areas shall be cleaned of debris and left clean.
  • If applicable, exterior lawn and landscaping shall be presentable.
  • All keys shall be returned to our Head Office: 164 Richmond road, Cardiff, CF24 3BX.
  • All light fixtures are to work properly with working light bulbs. If the ceiling is too high you need to leave the bulbs in the flat before you leave.
  • All electric white goods are to be work properly.
  • All plumbing is to be free of any leaks or blockages.
  • All heating is to be working properly.
  • All smoke alarm(s) and carbon monoxide alarm(s) shall be working properly. INCLUDING the batteries in the alarms are working.
  • Leave ALL utilities on until your move-out inspection has completed.

Take photographs of:

The property - you can take photographs with your phone or a camera but make sure they are dated.  Take sufficient photos to demonstrate that you have left the property in excellent condition.  These will be useful if there is any dispute about your deposit.  Avoid taking a video because depending on who might be asked to help resolve a dispute they may or may not have access to video equipment. It is extremely unlikely that an adjudicator will visit the property so photos are the best way to prove your case.

The meter readings - of all mains services and inform all your utility providers of the date on which your tenancy ends based on your contract. Remember to give a forwarding address to the utility companies so that they can send you any outstanding/Final bills.

When you are happy that you have done everything possible to ensure the property is in good condition close the door behind you and return the keys to our Head Office.


  • Make sure you send a copy of your Council tax exemption letters from university or a council tax bill or letter showing a zero balance for the TOTAL period of you tenancy to us.
  • Make sure you send a copy of your Water bill showing a zero balance for the TOTAL period of you tenancy to us.
  • Make sure you send a copy of your gas and electric bills showing a zero balance for the TOTAL period of you tenancy to us to ACTUAL METER READINGS. Take a photo of these readings before you leave so you have a record of them.

All of the above mentioned items need to be done PRIOR to your move-out inspection so that you can receive your deposit back at the earliest opportunity. Any and all repairs, repainting, trash removal, cleaning, and/or any other expenses that are attributed to restoring your home to its condition prior to your tenancy will be deducted from your Security Deposit. The head tenant will be sent a report within 14 days of the end of the tenancy if there are any deductions to discuss and agree.

Your Security Deposit will be refunded to the head tenant by bank transfer within 14 days after any final deductions have been agreed and ALL final bills received with the proof of payment. We will only speak with the head tenant of each group to make this process as efficient as possible. Speaking to additional housemates or parents only slows down how quickly we can resolve issues.

Good luck with your move and thank you for renting with Imperial.

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